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The Royal at a Glance

The Royal’s 4-screen cinema, café/bar and digital lounge will be a place of enjoyment, enlightenment and wonder for our entire community. AND, with its digital media and training facilities the Royal will be a place where talent can flourish, be creative and successful.

Within the context of the revitalisation of our regional city; its economy, society and built environment, The Royal intends to play its part in the bold vision for our shared future as outlined in the Limerick 2030 plans. We are here to work with stakeholders from across our region.

We intend to play our part by providing:

  • the finest film offering
  • unique learning experiences
  • an intimate environment to make connections
  • a structure for creativity and success
  • spaces and services for film makers
  • an assembly space for all types of gatherings

The four cinema screens, the café and evening lounge, the digital editing facilities and digital lounge, as well as the training, support, and exhibition spaces will be a place for enjoyment, enlightenment and wonder for our entire community.

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  • What Is The Vision

  • For The Royal?

The Royal will be a unique venue for the best in mainstream, independent and classic cinema, AND a home for digital creative industries.

An inclusive and inspiring space where individuals and groups from the creative industries, particularly those from the film sector, can access the services they require to flourish, be creative and successful.

The Royal will have four cinema screens, a café and evening lounge, digital editing facilities, a digital lounge, as well as training, support and exhibition spaces.

  • What will The Royal

  • Do for Limerick?

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    The Royal will support the local economy and local job creation; it will be a catalyst for positive change, encouraging other collaborative enterprises to thrive and invest in our community.

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    Cinema has always played a major role in the cultural landscape of Limerick City Centre. The Royal will continue to support this important role.

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    Built Heritage

    Restoring the historic Athenaeum Hall and Royal Cinema in the Georgian Quarter will resonate with the proud history of this iconic building as it brings this terrace back to life and continues to safeguard our built heritage.

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